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Airtech Cleanroom is pleased to offer a wide range of top quality, custom made cleanroom furniture and accessories to meet our customers unique fit-out requirements. These products are manufactured either by our partner in China.

Our in-house manufacturing capability provides a distinct advantage when compared to other cleanroom vendors as we can offer a complete customised service to our clients. We are able to provide a range cleanroom furniture suitable for all types of cleanrooms from modular cleanrooms to soft-wall cleanrooms.

The table below can be searched or browsed to view our range of cleanroom furniture and fit-out. We also offer tailored cleanroom solutions to our clients to ensure the best possible working environment according to the requirements of the clean room.

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JG Chemicals

Project: JG Chemicals
Location: Fedamore, Ireland.
Cleanroom: Food Processing Room


In 2011, JG Chemicals moved into food ingredients processing and powder blending at their facility in Fedamore. This moved required the conversion of existing warehouse and production space to a clean environment using our Octanorm Cleanroom system ceiling and an insulated wall panels system. NGS designed a suitable solution using a number of different materials to satisfy the controlled environment requirements albeit a classified Cleanroom was not required. With this design, we did take into consideration any future requirement including the conversion to a controlled space thus ensuring we installed a Cleanroom solution that not only matched these customer driven criteria but will also be suitable to add air handling and HEPA filtration in the future if required to enable classification.