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Looking for a Cleanroom supplier in the United Kingdom?

NGS Cleanroom Solutions is a leading supplier of cleanroom throughout the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland, offering turn-key cleanroom solutions to clients from all industries. Our comprehensive clean-room solutions cover all aspects of the cleanroom construction process from concept through to commissioning and fit-out of the entire cleanroom (including the supply of customised cleanroom furniture to clients in the UK). Our service offering also includes independent validation of the installation and a full maintenance of the cleanroom if requested by our UK clients.

NGS Cleanroom Solutions is a leading supplier of cleanroom solutions in the UK

In addition to hard-wall or pharma- modular cleanrooms and soft-wall cleanrooms to meet any customers’ requirements, we offer a full range of mini-environments and controlled environment machine enclosures .

Our UK offices are located in Coventary at University of Warwick Science Park and we are therefore ideally situated to supply cleanroom designs, cleanroom construction and fit-out to companies throughout the United Kingdom. Our cleanroom staff will be happy to discuss your requirements and assist you with design of your cleanroom, mini environment or controlled environment enclosure.

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