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About Airtech Cleanroom

NGS Cleanroom-Solutions is a subsidiary of NGS Products.

From their beginnings in 1985, NGS Products have always been a progressive company with a firm focus on the future. A family business that was initially formed to manufacture welded wire mesh products and mechanical screens for Thermo King Galway soon expanded into precision sheet metal fabrication and more recently into industrial furniture design, manufacture and installation

With this, in the early 2000’s NGS built a very strong engineering team and started to design and manufacture ergonomic workstations for Dell Computers in Limerick as their focus was on increasing PC build output through efficiencies in material handling and assembly line improvements. This progressed and in 2004 NGS became the chosen supplier to develop, manufacture and install two complete production assembly lines for their Limerick plant.

In 2006, NGS were awarded the contract to build and install eight new assembly lines for a new green field plant just completed in Poland. It was with the success of these solutions developed for Dell that enabled many doors to be opened since by NGS within many other sectors including consumer electronics manufacturers, healthcare products producers, medical device companies and pharmaceutical plants both in Ireland and overseas.

“In recent years, NGS have developed a very successful cleanroom division”

In recent years, NGS have developed a very successful clean room division specialising in the design, specification and full construction of modular clean rooms and controlled environments suitable for many industries and sectors. With the formation of a team of experienced partner vendors and professionals, all with many years experience in the clean room field worldwide, NGS has successfully created a very solid clean room solution to offer to industry in Ireland and UK.

In 2011, NGS Cleanroom Solutions was incorporated in the UK and an office was opened in Coventry to provide cleanroom solutions and services to UK clients.

The addition of clean room design and supply to their product and services portfolio has enabled NGS to offer a complete turn-key clean room solution including the full design and specification, complete civil works, HVAC and air-conditioning systems, mechanical and electrical requirements, flooring and internal fit-out including the ability to build customised furniture and stainless steel fabrications at their own advanced metal fabrication facility in Shannon, Co. Clare.

“This complete one-stop solution cannot be offered by any other clean room vendor in the UK or in Ireland”

Many customers also need to move raw materials and finished products in and out of clean rooms efficiently and easily, NGS has proven experience in this and can offer the complete design, manufacture and installation of advanced conveyors solutions and automated systems including pick and place robotics. This complete one-stop solution cannot be offered by any other clean room vendor in Ireland or the UK and many customers have a preference in having the complete project supplied by one company. To date, the ability to always tick all the boxes has helped NGS to be successful in many areas of business and they will continue to be progressive and to ensure the second generation of the company is as successful as the first.